Congressman Says Iran War Delayed

Government still in propaganda phase of build-up


Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | March 16 2006


Congressman Ron Paul has contradicted other high profile warnings that a military strike on Iran is right around the corner by opining that any act of aggression is still some time away and that the build-up to another war is still in the propaganda phase of being sold to the American people.

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show, Paul speculated that the Iranian oil bourse issue
cannot be the only and most pressing reason for war because a similar situation arose before the Iraq invasion yet the Europeans' attitude was different.

Many speculate that the last straw for the US and Israel will be when Iran prices its oil in Euros and others follow suit.

"If they demand Euros for their oil it might not have a tremendous ramification immediately but if they do in other OPEC nations follow then they start trading oil in Euros it will have a lot of ramifications, said Paul."

"The only thing that doesn't add up is if the Europeans were opposed to what we were doing in Iraq because it was a contest between dollars and Euros, the Europeans now aren't offering any resistance whatsoever to the intimidation and the confrontation with Iran."

Paul said that he has tirelessly warned the State Department that a military strike on Iran will cause oil prices to double but that their response is mute. During last year's Bilderberg meeting
it was agreed upon that oil prices would almost double in a year and to a large extent that has happened.


"The only thing they hint at is taking out these nuclear sites which they can't even prove exist yet they're about ready to attack them with bombs. This will have a horrendous ramification on the price of oil and I don't think the Iranians are going to sit back and be defeated as easily as the Iraqi government was defeated, warned the Congressman."

While Russian parliamentarians such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky
have stated that targeted military strikes on Iran will commence around March 28th, the day of the Israeli election, Paul in more cautious in his assessment of the timetable for war.

"I don't think they're on the verge of doing it I think they're still in the propaganda phase."

"I think that what you hear now, all the noise and all the talk is to get the American people ready because they have to have a reason to go in and that's what they're preparing the American people for."

The Congressman said that the flames of war are being stoked by internationalists who have no loyalty to America and that their ultimate goal is complete control of the earth's resources.

"I think their ultimate goal is to have control of natural resources and the biggest resource that they're interested in is oil. In the process they want to control the banking system which means the dollar is very important to them. They also want to control the military power that dominates the world, which is of course our military power so they're very influential there, said Paul."


"I don't think they have any sense of loyalty to nations, they're internationalists in the worst sense. I don't think there's anything wrong with being an internationalist in the sense that you travel and trade with people and study and learn, but international in the sense of international control of resources is wrong."

Paul fears that the establishment left wing and the Democrats are even more eager to slit America's throat than they were before the Iraq invasion, saying that opposition to hostilities with Iran is significantly weaker than it was for the invasion of Iraq.

"It seems like the left is much more ready to do something about Iran than they were about Iraq so I see our opposition even weaker, said Paul."

The Congressman re-iterated his belief that Democrats would however endeavor to impeach Bush
following the 2006 elections, but more as a political stunt than any real interest in saving the country.