The Holographic Prison and the “Pact with the Devil”

Reptilian Addiction and Manipulation of the Media through Consciousness Distracters

I have the firm conviction that this diabolic scenario will never happen in this planet that is going to ascend dimensionally, however, the beings that have driven forward this dark agenda may reincarnate in dark planets where this paradigm is lived. The energy that is sent out comes back qualified by our intention. That is the Law of Karma.

I make clear here that the reptilian addiction is for lower frequency emotions, not for the elevated, high-octave and sublime emotion as the one offered by unconditional love
, true love in a couple, love for humanity or for a beautiful landscape, etc.

To keep humanity as an unconscious cattle or sheep herd manipulated by “experts” in all fields of knowledge and entertainment is the objective of the five-sense fabricated holographic illusion, the so called Reptilian Pact

The Social “Norm” and the Socio-Political Manipulation

Since humans never see these beings or the black magicians that work with them, the primary agents of their karmic precipitation, they blame it on their bad luck, bad administration, bad governments, bad planning, the fall of the stock market, the growing unemployment, etc., and on the leading humans at the forefront of institutions. They can see these leaders, they elected them to be their leaders, or at least they live in the illusion of the so called democracy in which they “believe” they elected them, but sadly they do not know, or refuse to believe, that these humans that have the reins of power:

1. Are being controlled from other dimension and that they follow an agenda that in its fundamental philosophy was written 13000 earthen years ago, during Lemurian times.

2. Are not appointed by the people but carefully selected by their bloodline and certain personality traits that lend them to astral entity manipulation.


送られるエネルギーは、私達の意図によって適格に、戻る。 それは業の法律である。





The political parties have been created to divide people, to weaken the voice of people and their popular vote in the election of presidents. Under the Illuminati claws around the globe true democracy has never really existed. Both candidates of the dominant parties have received their blessings prior to running for president. And if the president turns out not to be a good Illuminati team player, in a self-serving move the Illuminati will dig out popular discontent and reveal his despotism and dishonesty to discredit him and remove him from power. If he plays per the Illuminati game rules, which favor the super rich corporations, not the people, and if he gives away national natural resources, the Illuminati never care about popular opinion about him, nor approve the mainstream controlled media in the exposing of his dictatorial regime.

The reptilian millennial agenda, later written in the Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion
, is constantly refined and updated in
high-level secret meetings, not covered by the media, such as the meetings of the Trilateral Commission and the G8. In its external manifestation this dark agenda is subtly translated or adapted to the masses as the social “norm” by which are conducted business, sciences, officially accepted religions, social relationships, and the international political conflicts. It underlines what is socially accepted, what is allowed to talk and write about, etc. This norm is continually presented and promoted by the news, the media in general, the education, etc., to continue perpetrating the virtual holographic reality, which resembles the “Holodeck” of the known television series Star Trek. The holographic reality is in the mind of the inhabitants of the planet throughout the continuous bombardment of the norm, I repeat, by experts approved by the establishment.

The Illuminati are not Jews that want to take over the world, as some people wrongly believe and blame on this culture/religion the ills of the planet. Within their influential ranks they had prominent Jewish bankers who betrayed their own culture and religion during the financing and planning of the Nazi regime and the Holocaust, Bear in mind that the Illuminati belong to many races, religions and ethnicities. See the right side bar. The Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion was originally inspired, among others, by prominent Jews, however, this document is a secret code for the Illuminati. Do not attack Jewish people in general for this, they are innocent of these ill intentions unless, like anybody else, they are involved with the Illuminati. Remember, the Illuminati are GLOBALISTS.

The web of lies that pullulate science, culture, politics and constitutional and economical laws is so mixed with truths, and so cleverly intermingled, that is almost impossible for the unprepared to discern lie from truth. If only lies are told or taught, people's common sense would detect them and reject them, they had to be disguised with proven facts and with social laws based on the Golden Rule in order for the public not to detect ones from the others. In the economic world, for instance, one of the great lies taught in economy and accounting is the formula of compound interest of the banking loans. In the spiritual world, that Christ died for our sins and that He is our personal savior. Both cunning teachings are aimed to deprive man of his sovereignty, one by making him slave of the bankers, always in debt and unable to achieve financial independence that will grant him time to explore spirituality and the other by making him slave of the religious cult and unable to see his God within. The income tax is another strategy to extra-squeeze out of you the hard earned money to support the government leviathan

The global viewpoint of the negative reptilian thinking does not divide knowledge in compartments as humans do but looks at it as a whole and thus it can compare it, utilize it and distort it to achieve their goals. Thus, they see the connection of all and direct each field of scientific, economic, social, historical and religious knowledge with the same agenda, avoiding being detected and avoiding all that can bring illumination to humanity, or the knowledge that this reality is but a lowest part of the multidimensional universal reality. Technology is introduced little by little and not when it is discovered, but when they dictate it is time to introduce it. Therefore for instance, the time of free energy
according to them has not arrived yet, it will arrive when humanity exhausts its oil reserves, and obviously oil is no longer an Illuminati lucrative income source, at which time free-energy breakthroughs will be presented as recent discoveries, even though in reality free energy was discovered more than a hundred years ago but has been suppressed and filed.

















発生する嘘のウェブ科学、文化と政治と憲法および経済的な法律が、真理とそう混ぜられて、従って、賢く混合される それは、嘘を真実と識別するために、準備がなさにほとんど不可能である。










The Illuminati passion for high tech leads them to dreaming a world completely controlled, ordered and automated by super sophisticated technological gadgets, and superior weapons over and under air, sea and land, with no possibility of rivals and revolutions except the ones created by them as part of their plans, that is why in the past and present they are suppressing and classifying independent technological discoveries of the civilian population so that they can only develop and utilize them in their control plans of the civilian population and in their hidden agendas of introduction of new technology. Hundreds of patents are being classified and filed in the US patent office prohibiting their inventors their commercial development. When humanity rid itself of the Illuminati will see a world were everything is possible, boundaries and imposed beliefs will be gone and true man will express himself as he really is meant to be. The Indigo Children
will guide us in that dawning

We have lived in a cleverly controlled reality where certain technologies, the magical and supernatural and extraterrestrial advanced life have not been accepted as valid realities and are considered bizarre, out-of-place freaks by the Illuminati-controllers, and so also they are considered by the society in general and the media that follow them as a herd of cows. Over-unity free-energy
and perpetual motion machines that purportedly "violate" the second law of thermodynamic have been rejected and the same scientific arguments are used over and over to deter the exploration of other realities and new scientific discoveries in areas such as electrogravitics, magnetics, levitation by control of the gravitational field, free-energy
, teleportation, time-travel, and internal technologies such as Merkabah spinning and bilocation. Alternative medicine, herbal medicine, psychic healing by laying on of hands, distant healing, self-healing and psychic surgery have been rejected by the Illuminati global establishment because these cures do not benefit the pharmaceutical Illuminati-controlled cartel
and shock the foundations of the medical academia which serves the chemical medicine of the pharmaceutical cartel







All of this has happened by design and purposely done by the Illuminati controllers to protect their political power, dark agendas and business interests. So the scientific dogma of research and academia aligns with them to look for their financial support (project grants, loans, etc.) and the approval of the Illuminati controllers. These concepts are equally applicable to the so called laws of economics that astutely support the compound interest in banking loans, the ups and downs of the trade market, the global recessions and the central bank fiat money
not backed by precious metals. See the graphic table of who owns and controls the Federal Reserve by clicking the following link:

See also "The Federal Reserve is Privately Owned", by Thomas D. Schauf, by clicking the following link:


When you are deprived of your freedom in a prison you dream of a world outside of it, that's all you can do. That explains why we like to be entertained with fantastic fables and tales
that we cannot experience daily. Likewise, the movie industry, to satisfy our hungry for such reality and to make a product that they know it sells, dreams too of other realities and presents them in a way acceptable to the Illuminati controllers, as something weird and only a fantasy, in this manner bypassing their established "norm". Thus are born, to name a few, the movies of space exploration such as the "Star Trek" TV series and the "Star Wars" saga of George Lucas, or the extraterrestrial TV series "Taken" of Steven Spielberg, or poltergeist movies such as "Ghost", or demonic possession as in "The Exorcist", wizardry as in "The Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter", or witchcraft as in the TV series of the mid nineteen sixties, "Bewitched" and in the nineteen nineties, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch".

In like manner, mystical societies and religions only show the symbols of the Dark Forces such as in the portrait of Satan or Archangel Michael slaying the dragon or the devil; but to place themselves in a safe place, out of trouble may I say, they do not tell you that this dragon is the actual symbol of the reptilian masters of this planet, and they do not tell you either who are the Illuminati puppets in this reality who carry out their plans, because, in some cases, they might be pointing at the president of the country or some of his or her ministers and potential run-for-office candidates. To speak in symbolical terms as in a dream state is both "acceptable" in movies and religion, but never when speaking seriously in clear, matter-of-fact terms as in pointing and describing "them" as Jesus did in his life 2000 years ago. Jesus is an example to imitate. Most members of organizations, however, be them mystical, spiritual or otherwise, do not know what I'm talking about or correlate their teachings to this writing.

Isn't this the behavior of one in jail, when we cannot name our oppressors that deprived us of our freedom? And, isn't this a cleverly crafted jail when you cannot even see you are a prisoner, or see prison walls so much less even distinguish the jail you're in, but instead feel free since you do not feel like a prisoner? Except, of course, when you think and then question the system.

Thus the controllers establish the walls around the holographic prison. With the removal of the Illuminati from power we all will see that the dogmatic pseudo-technological and pseudo-scientific arguments and the systematic rejection of the magic and supernatural were all but only a hog-wash. The illusory walls will crumble down and we will enjoy a-never-before-experienced freedom to explore in all directions anything we can dream possible, the sky is the limit.

The Dark Agenda

In its most fundamental philosophy the dark agenda is reduced to two points: 1. End religion and spirituality, and, 2. End the self determination of peoples, let’s say, the local governments, and the cultural and commercial barriers to be able to drive forward the New World Order which is the world government which head will be the Antichrist.

All wars, in the same way that the acts of international terrorism, are and have been created, planned and organized by these astral beings in collaboration with the Illuminati. As examples are the two world wars of the twentieth century, Nazism, white supremacist hate groups, Communism, appointment to power and destitution of Latin American dictators, the attack to Pearl Harbor, the Korean War; the Vietnam War; the 1989-91"fall" of Soviet Communism, the 1991 Gulf War; the War in Kosovo, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the attack to the Twin Towers in New York on the 9/11, 2001. All the social and economic problems and the political systems have been created to divide and create conflict and justification for war. The civilian population, ignorant of what is concocted behind scenes, is caught between two fires and blame some and the others for their situation and suffering without knowing that both factions are being managed by the same astral entities and that, in some cases, these factions are conscious about it and confabulated in this sinister conspiracy.

The social dysfunctionality is not a problem that necessarily happens by bad rulers, you have to always take into account in this equation the contribution of the hidden reptilian agenda. When it is considered, say, the original cause of the problem, all then acquires a different meaning.

Bear in mind that the lower astral reptilians are not faithful to any human, they only use and work with the Illuminati elites to serve their purposes. The fallen reptilians consider themselves separate from humans and rivals to them. Since they have obtained the expected results with certain dynasties throughout the centuries they continue working with these families, however, they can disregard any of the human stooges within these Illuminati families by means of death or deposition from power if this one does not collaborate as expected or does not serve their plans. It is an association for convenience only.










同様に、映画産業夢〈そのような現実のために私達の空腹を満たし、製品を作り、彼らが、それが販売されると知っている〉 また 他の現実 および不可思議な何かとファンタジーだけとして、それらを、啓蒙主義者コントローラに、それらの設定された「ノルム」を迂回しているこの方法で、容認できる方法で提出する。


方法 神秘主義的な社会と宗派に、ドラゴンまたは悪魔を殺害するサタンまたは大天使マイケルの肖像の中の闇力のシンボルが見えるだけである;
















すべての戦争は、同じ方法 that 国際的なテロの行為 でであり、啓蒙主義者と共同して作成されて、これらの星の生き物により計画されて、組織された。