The Holographic Prison and the “Pact with the Devil”

These reptilians are globalists, let's say, they do not get partial by geo-political frontiers, types of governments, cultures, religions, social and cultural status, etc. They see the same an Islamic fundamentalist than a British conservative or a Catholic believer. Communism and capitalism have fundamentally the same face for them, any human race is the same, they are only interested in taking advantage of any conflict created and instigated by them and to manipulate and control humans. Their objective is the whole planet. Their plans are millennial, and thus what happens in one hundred earth years is something very temporary from their viewpoint of time appreciation. If some people oppose their plans, then their achieve their objective of energetic feeding from the war, hate and revenge generated by both ranks, of the opposition to the military powers that are driving such nefarious plot forward. If the plan is not carried out in a region, they continue pushing it forward until they be able to impose it, they have a lot of time and patience. Do they have time, really? Well, for 13,000 years they had. Now they are running out of time with the planetary ascension that is a Galactic Plan of the Father/Mother God, the Primary Creator of this Universe. As such, they are playing their last desperate cards: Either the planet is theirs, or they destroy it and it is nobody's! They seek to submerge the planet into another cosmic cycle
of 25,920 years, the Platonic year, under their domination.

The elite families select from their members the ones that best fulfill the Reptilian Pact, the other members of the family are alienated, isolated from power, and. in some cases, considered as renegades and are disinherited. They know that the source of their influence and material power is in this secret pact (zealously guarded as a family secret) and in how they are developing it. Some individuals are not part of this elite of power, however they work with the Reptilian Pact because they serve the Illuminati network. When they deviate or are no longer needed, then they are knocked down from power. If they are heads of government these dictators of the people are presented before the world as tyrannical and brutal despots to justify their destitution and also to present before the public the political image of cleaning corruption and that they listen to the people with "compassion" and that there is justice and integrity. It is the opportunity to show good image to wash faults and to hide the following dark agenda projects in course, at that precise moment, or to deflect public attention from a touchy issue. The media is in charge of focusing the cameras and saying what is convenient or serves their plans. If they do not deviate from the plan or their puppet regime is still needed, then their brutal and bloody actions and the cry and misery of their people are ignored and the despots continue in power and being allied.

The Illuminati have two jobs: One is the official one in some government office, this one keeps them influencing politics, abreast of what's going on and deflects attention, and the other, the covert one, working for the shadow government or secret government
, as it is called the Illuminati organization that operates secretly within the legitimate government. Being so immensely wealthy, the Illuminati members of the high influential power spheres live without survival pressure whatsoever and have much more time to get informed and plan their nefarious tricks.
They also identify themselves as members of an official religion to cover themselves, to present a respectable image and to be a role model to follow.

The Illuminati's modus operandi is always to present to the public the legal and respectable image, to make approve by Congress or the World Trade Organization or similar organizations such as the United Nations, laws in favor of the Illuminati interests and once this damaging legislation is approved launch henchmen against the people and small organizations to enforce it legally, safeguarding and protecting the Illuminati interests. Such is how the pharmaceutical industry operates
, as an example, by taking the power of choice away from people with respect to natural medicine, food supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and alternative medicine and using the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as its henchman


彼らは同じを見る 英国の保守主義者よりイスラムの根本主義者またはカトリックの信者 。


それらの目的は惑星全体である。それらの計画はミレニアムで、それから、100地球年で起こることは時間理解のそれらの観点から非常に一時的なものである。もし何人かの人々がそれらの計画に反対するならば そして 前にそのような極悪なプロットを操作している軍事国への反対の間に両方のランクによって生成する戦争、憎悪、および復讐からのエネルギッシュな食べのそれらの達成それらの目的 。もし領域で計画が実行されないならば、彼らは、彼らがそれを課すことができて、それらがたくさんの時間と忍耐を持つまで、前にそれを推進し続ける。彼らに時間が本当にあるか?





そんなに非常に裕福に、高い有力なパワー球の啓蒙主義者メンバーは生き残りプレッシャー 何でも なしで住み、なり 知らせられるおよび 必要がある ずっと多くの時間 それらの極悪な計略を計画する 。自身をカバーするため、まともなイメージを示すため、およびついて行く役割モデルであるために、彼らはまた自身を公式な宗派のメンバーだと言う。啓蒙主義者のやり方はいつも、一般大衆に法定投資を示すことになっていて、議会または世界貿易機関または国連などの同様な組織によって是認させるまともなイメージは啓蒙主義者の利益のために訴訟を起こし、啓蒙主義者の利益を守り、保護して、法律上それを実施する人々と小さな組織に対して、この有害な立法は1回是認されたスタート子分である。そのようなものは、自然医学、食物の補足(ビタミン、ミネラルなど)について人々から離れている選択と代替医療のパワーを取り、その子分として連邦薬剤投与(食品医薬品局)を使って、どのように薬品工業が例として動作するかである。

The Diabolic Possession Phenomenon

The more dysfunctional a person is, or the more fragmented the personality is, or hurt the inner child, or strengthen the lower ego, the easier it is to be prey of psychic possession and evil induction. The possession of humans is of two types:

Conscious Psychic Possession: When these entities are invoked or it is accepted to collaborate with them and it is consciously agreed to work with them, obtaining in return for this service sinecures, fame, recognition, contracts and new projects, opportunities, and other personal benefits. Such is the case of the Illuminati and of some of their agents and controllers of dark agendas of their world domination network. This possession is more continuous and permanent cemented in the aura and it is what the popular wisdom has called the “Pact with the Devil.”

The awakening of DNA codes and of agreements previous to reincarnation to work with satanic entities is stimulated with ritual and distorted symbols copy of the true esoteric symbols and through drugs and genetic manipulation.

Have into account that the esoteric ritual and symbology in the organizations of Light serves a purpose to awake also, except that it is an awakening to the Higher Light and Divinity. Thus, it is asked the reader to be careful in not throwing through the window the baby with the baby wash. The Aquarian Age is ritualistic and ceremonial, but the ritualism is not negative but positive, be worth to double emphasize this.
Unconscious Psychic Possession: When the temporal possession is produced for purposes of instigation to evil and attack to others, such as on Lightworkers working to the Awakening of Humanity, or to create more chaos and fear among the population or family conflict and of social relationships. The agent that consents to this dirty job is generally an individual that presents some or all the negative qualities described next:

Leader of an organization, be it a business corporation or a religious or mystical/philosophical organization. These individuals could have a relatively clean record but influencing them in their decision making, even if it only be through telepathy or temporal possession, may help the dark agenda and keep the organization at the level these entities would like it to be. A fault in the personality may be the "hook" to cling onto.

Materialist, only believes in the reality of the five senses and worships the god money.

Selfish, always looks for personal benefit at all cost and to ascend the power hierarchy.

Pragmatist and Machiavellian, cold, calculator and centered in the brain. A typical case is the scientist creator of the atomic bomb, the nuclear bombs, the biological and mass destruction weapons, etc., and the so called black projects. Some of these individuals do not belong to this category but to the previous one. Conflicting, of uncontrollable, unmanageable and chemical emotions. Ignorant of the spiritual life, not ignorant of the earth knowledge, of which may be an expert or a brilliant professional. Lukewarm, fearful of consequences, uncommitted, in a "sort-of" safe position in the gray area, do not take sides or define a position when referring to spiritual work such as in working for the Light or in favor of the Dark Forces. Who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and frequents bars, whorehouses and/or entertains in pornography. Possessed by inner fear and of rejection by society, social unfit. Apathetic, listless, attached to television and information presented graphically, addicted to newscasts, believes what he hears because “it was said on TV”, it is not attracted to reading or investigation. These individuals are used unconsciously as useful idiots, mentally and emotionally controlled without knowing it, and who, in the majority of cases, do not receive any retribution for their unconscious services to the Dark Forces but, on the contrary, they sink themselves even more in their materialism, suffering and depression, fragmenting more their psychology and lending themselves to be agents or tools for the next attack. If they are informed of the existence of this possession they consciously reject it and feel afraid of it. They are ignorant of this subject.











Have into account that no all human possessions are from these infernal beings, some are produced by discarnate humans of low spiritual evolution that parasite in the auric field of an incarnated human or accomplish temporal possessions to enjoy the sensations of alcohol, tobacco and drugs of which they were addictive in the earthly plane and that now, to feel their effects, they require of a physical host. In their astral dwellings these discarnate humans of low vibratory frequency are used also by infernal beings. Thus the legend of hell, which refers to these lower astral planes.

Likewise, as the Lightworker is activated in his DNA for the Higher Consciousness and the interaction with the Celestial Hosts, the antipode case also exists, say, the activation or awakening of the DNA negative reptilian code in humans oriented to self service and personal gain to the possession by these renegade satanic reptilians as was said before. Once this occurs the individual loses his original identity and his negative qualities are fired, enhanced or revived much more. He is transformed into another being, into a cold individual, domineering, tyrannical, calculator, and merciless, and he is easy prey of the reptilian manipulation of the puppet type. It is the case of the despotic and dictatorial politician that feigns compassion because recognizes the suffering of the people, but does not take action to solve this suffering, since this suffering is part of the dark reptilian agenda with which he is aligned.The stimulation of the negative seeds of the original spiritual “fall”
or the precipitation and confusion of the soul into the maya of materialism is mainly carried out in the humanity who is still in the larvae stage or potential stage in the material world and without spiritual consciousness or desire to find their true spiritual nature. They are neutral individuals that have not defined their orientation if towards service-to-self or service-to-others. As the spiritual transmutation work is being carried out and the positive genetic codes are being fired, the influence of these entities is diminished.e activation of the fallen or the negative-in-nature DNA code can also be fired, I repeat, through medical operation in the brain, and with the take of drugs, some politicians and celebrities are activated in this way. Celebrities sometimes are preferred in politics to carry out the dark agenda because the charisma acquired before the public is supposed to give them credibility in contrast to the bad image politicians have of not fulfilling promises. Such was the case of the Illuminati stooge Ronald Reagan.
Celebrities have vulnerable points for manipulation and is a high ego, glamour, to be the attention focus, enjoy spotlights, be admired, respected and recognized, and keep zealously their public image. There are always exceptions to this.










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