Neo-Cons Spin Dud Test To Hide Nuclear Hypocrisy

Drudge Report, Washington Times downplay blast to conceal stupidity of attacking Iran, source of North Korean nukes being Rumsfeld and Bush protected networks

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 10 2006

Neo-Cons have seized upon doubts about the scale of North Korea's nuclear test to craft a talking point that the blast was a dud in an attempt to conceal the hypocrisy of hyping a war with a non-nuclear Iran in the face of North Korea's open proliferation, and the fact that Kim Jong-il bought his weapons from arms networks that were protected by the Bush administration.

Bill Gertz and the Washington Times, usually the first to spit out volleys of rampant fearmongering, especially concerning Iran's alleged nuclear agenda, are leading a chorus of government media mouthpieces in downplaying Sunday's underground atomic test.

"U.S. intelligence agencies say, based on preliminary indications, that North Korea did not produce its first nuclear blast yesterday," writes Gertz

"The underground explosion, which Pyongyang dubbed a historic nuclear test, is thought to have been the equivalent of several hundred tons of TNT, far short of the several thousand tons of TNT, or kilotons, that are signs of a nuclear blast, the official said."

The U.S. seems to be alone in its assessment that the blast was non-nuclear - with Russia even claiming the explosion was comparable to the bomb
dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

The Drudge Report, recently scorned for carrying erroneous stories that sought to defend the actions of Republican pervert and sexual predator Mark Foley, this morning carried the headline, "WAS IT A DUD?" underneath a jokey image of Kim Jong-il's character from the comedy animation hit Team America.

The spin is implicit - Kim Jong-il is an inconsequential buffoon and his grandstand announcement that North Korea had joined the nuclear club was nothing but hot air.

Why are these bootlicking Neo-Con hacks, breaking from their usual feverish exaggeration of anything that makes the world more dangerous, changing the script and attempting to poo-poo North Korea's actions?

Yesterday we reported
that the wild card of the test could potentially derail planned air strikes on Iran because, as Mike Rivero pointed out, "It will be hard for Bush to sell an invasion of Iran because it might someday make nuclear weapons when North Korea definitely has them now."

The Neo-Con spin, that North Korea has not advanced to the point it claims and that the threat is diminished compared to more pressing targets of the Bush war machine, is intended to shield the hypocrisy of ignoring a nuclear-capable dictatorship that has threatened to destroy the world
and fired test missiles that have hit Alaska
, while obsessing about Iran, completely surrounded by U.S. client states and as much as fifteen years away
from the bomb.

It is also an effort to offset questions about how Kim Jong-il acquired his arsenal in the first place.

Reports concerning developments in North Korea's nuclear program are routinely absent the "memory-holed" fact that it was Donald Rumsfeld
, former non-executive director of ABB, that signed off on a $200 million dollar contract to sell nuclear reactors to the Stalinist state in November 2000.

In addition, it has now been confirmed that the A.Q. Khan network was directly connected to the feasibility of Sunday's test, having "through his network, transferred to North Korea "nearly two dozen" P-1 centrifuges, and the more sophisticated P-11 centrifuges," according to the London Independent

It was at the behest of the Bush administration that investigations into Khan Research Laboratories, the Pakistani agency in charge of the bomb project, were thwarted.

"According to both sources and documents obtained by the BBC, the Bush Administration spike of the investigation of Dr. Khan's Lab followed from a wider policy of protecting key Saudi Arabians including the Bin Laden family," writes BBC reporter Greg Palast

North Korea's bold entry into the nuclear club could not have been achieved without the help of the Bush administration and Donald Rumsfeld. Allied to the desperate need to legitimize air strikes against Iran, Sunday's events have created a fissure in the Neo-Con agenda that may demand an urgent change to the script.



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最近共和党の堕落者と性的な略奪者マーク・フォーリーの動作を防御しようとした誤った話を運ぶために嘲笑されたDrudge Reportは今朝見出しを運んで、コメディアニメーションからのキムジョンイルの性格のjokeyイメージの下における「それは失敗でしたか?」はチームアメリカを打ちました。










ブッシュ政権とドナルド・ラムズフェルドの助けなしで核クラブへの北朝鮮の大胆なエントリーを達成することができませんでした。 イランに対して空襲を合法化する破れかぶれの必要性に同盟しています、日曜日の出来事はスクリプトへの緊急の変化を要求するかもしれない新保守主義者議題の裂け目を作成しました。