Big Brother To Decide If You Drive

245 million Americans to be forced to undergo "guilty until proven innocent" breathalyzer tests just to start their cars if plan proceeds

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Propaganda Matrix

Monday, November 20, 2006

Just when we thought the Orwellian Big Brother society couldn't possibly accelerate further, it gets even worse. A move is afoot to force 245 million drivers in America to have alcohol breathalyzers fitted in their vehicles, ignition interlocks that prevent the vehicle from being started by an inebriant.

"The threat of arrest and punishment, for decades the primary tactic against drunken drivers, is no longer working in the struggle to reduce the death toll, officials say, and they are proposing turning to technology ? alcohol detection devices in every vehicle ? to address the problem," reports the New York Times

In addition, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers today began a campaign to make all states pass legislation that mandates these devices be placed in all cars of drunk drivers, even if they are just a first time offender.

Mandatory breathalyzers in all vehicles is just one item in a veritable surveillance package that all drivers will be forced to accept if they wish to use America's roads and highways.

- GPS tracking and taxation black boxes are being pushed to coincide with the construction of the NAFTA Superhighway, where all vehicles will be forced to use toll roads and will have their every movement catalogued by spy satellites in alliance with a massive centralized database.

- US citizens will be forced to adopt a de-facto national identification card and have their freedom of mobility defined by behavioral fealty to the government under proposals set to derive from NAFTA superhighway toll road systems
and the implementation of the American Union.

- Biometric eye scanners that can detect tiredness and deny mobility if the system judges the driver to be fatigued are being proposed for individual vehicle use after being utilized by police
in Australia.

- Proposals are in play to install surveillance cameras in all cars, especially in areas where legislation has been passed that bans the individual from smoking in their own car
if a child is also present.

- In March 2004, Toyota launched its concept car of the future
- a literal behavior modification surveillance center on wheels - festooned with Big Brother technology - that will record every nuance and error the driver exhibits, and will limit its performance based on those factors, including refusing to turn itself on. Industry publications and other motor industry giants have also touted surveillance infested vehicles as the model for all future development.

The installation of mandatory breathalyzers in all vehicles by law is a death knell for freedom of mobility and directly violates the 4th amendment, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."



ポール・ジョセフ・ワトソン&アレックス ジョーンズ




「逮捕と処罰の脅威は、数十年 飲んだくれのドライバーに対する主要な戦術 の間、死亡者数、役員発言を減らす苦闘において、もう働かず、彼らは、テクノロジー?に変ることを提案している 問題に対処するすべての車?のアルコール探知装置 」リポートニューヨーク・タイムズ。



- GPS追跡と課税のブラックボックスは、NAFTAスーパーハイウェーのコンストラクションと一致するために押されている(そこで、すべての車は、有料道路を使うことを強制されるであろうし、大規模な集中化したデータベースによって同盟の中の偵察衛星によってカタログに載せられたそれらのすべてのムーブメントを持つであろう)。

- アメリカ市民は、de-facto全国身分証明書を採用し、彼らの可動性の自由を、NAFTAスーパーハイウェー有料道路システムとアメリカ組合のインプリメンテーションから派生するようにセットされた提案の下で政府に行動の忠誠によって定義させることを強制されるであろう。

- 疲労を検出し、システムが、疲れているドライバーを判断するならば可動性を否定することができるバイオメトリックの目スキャナはオーストラリアの警察によって利用された後に個々の車使用のために提案されている。

- 子供がまた出席しているならば、提案は、偵察カメラを、すべての車に、特に、法律が通過されたエリアに取り付けるために作用している(それが、個人が彼ら自身の車の中で喫煙することを禁止する)。

- 2004年3月に、トヨタは、ビッグ・ブラザー・テクノロジーによって飾られた未来--ホイールの上の文字どおりの行動修正監視センター--のそのコンセプトカーを発進させた - それは、ドライバーが表しているすべてのニュアンスとエラーを記録するであろうし、自身に興味をもたせることを断るのを含めて、それらのファクターに基づいたその性能を制限するであろう。



The following points also illustrate why the move is a dangerous and harebrained idea.

- Though billed as a "non-profit organization," Mothers Against Drunk Driving is a front group for the auto industry and has been caught in the past stealing money it raises through telemarketing
. The American Institute of Philanthropy has given MADD poor grades for its high bureaucratic and fundraising costs.

- MADD advocates warrantless random roadblocks and checkpoints to supposedly find drunk drivers, violating the U.S. constitution and instilling fear into people for simply having a glass of wine with their meal.

- Apologists for the program cite seatbelts as an example of a security measure that was beneficial, yet don't understand the slippery slide to fascism that inevitably comes as a result of restricting mobility.

- Drunks kill around 40,000 people a year and yet prescription drugs kill over 200,000. Medical malpractice kills over 300,000 - but the media hasn't brainwashed Americans to be fearful or upset about the bigger dangers and so they don't care. The hyped specter of drunk driving deaths manipulates whining do-gooders to call for their own enslavement, anything to save a few lives.

- In the majority of areas in the south-west, around half of DWI's involve illegal aliens, but nobody is prepared to face up to that problem. A study by the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found Hispanic drivers involved in crashes were three times more likely
to be drunk than white or black drivers.

As Paul McNamara of Network World
points out, the potential ramifications for fitting every car with such a device are ominous.

"There is, of course, the straightforward civil libertarian question: Why should those who have never been convicted of drunken driving be compelled to prove they are innocent before being allowed to operate their own cars? This baby seems to have been tossed with the bathwater long ago in a country where drug testing has become routine, but you can expect the die-hards to be heard anew."

"How far down the technology slope are we sliding? Certainly, any such standard automobile equipment could include a record-keeping component. Will attempted drunken driving become a crime? There could be no denying the deterrent effect of such a new law. Three rejected start attempts and you lose your license? Five and the ignition is permanently disabled? Certainly the advocates will make the case than an ounce of prevention beats even one more highway fatality."

"What about networking? Will the data be wirelessly transmitted to your local police department? Why not? It would clearly help law enforcement target and keep tabs on the recidivists. And the cops will need to know when to pull your license for that third strike."




- たぶん、米国憲法に違反し、彼らの食事によってグラス1杯のワインを単に飲むために恐怖を人々に教え込んで、酔っ払い運転者を見つけるために、MADDは無令状のランダムな防塞とチェックポイントを主張する。

- 有益であったセキュリティ対策の例として、プログラムのための弁護者はシートベルトを挙げて、まだ、必然的に、可動性を限定する結果として来るファシズムにつるつるしたスライドを理解していない。

- 酔っぱらいは1年に約40,000人の人々を殺すのに、処方薬は200,000以上殺す。

医療ミスは300,000以上殺す - けれども、メディアは、心配していて、より大きな危険について狼狽しているためにアメリカ人を洗脳しなく、従って、彼らは気にしない。


- 南西のエリアの大多数において、DWIの半分は不法入国者をまわりに巻き込むけれども、誰も、その問題に直面する心構えをしない。