Wartime brothels are false stories.

?He hid himself in the jungle, and he continued fighting after World War II more than 30 years. His faith is the Japanese who does not tell a lie with honesty.

Hiroo Onoda "real nature of the wartime brothels?whom I watched"

?"just argument" January issue?

 Many people are discussing Yasukuni shrine worship of the prime minister and a problem of a wartime brothel?by a false charge from other countries without a reason really. I felt that there w ill not be that I use talkativeness same as Nanjing Massacre, but am disgusted with the stupidity that an irresponsible remark / violent language does not yet pass away.?

 In the at present when the people whom I went to the front of Greater East Asia War, and lived in a battlefield were decreasing after the war in 60, I thought to leave that "the wartime brothels?" was a complete "commercial transaction" as testimony.?

 I am dispatched in a foreign land, and, for a military unit to be stationed, a problem to obstacle in peace and order maintenance and sexual desire most is rape by a soldier and plunder / arson. Therefore country of any place taking measures in its own way, as is generally known. At the time of Greater East Asia War, there was surely "the wartime brothels?" in a battlefield. Because it was the times when a registered prostitute is recognized in those days, I am quite natural.?

 Generally anyone knew the words to call "a war nurse" as common sense, but, not the officers that I went to the front of an open battle, as for the words to say with "wartime brothels?", there will not be the person whom, in addition, the person who heard it used either. It is positive that it is the coined word that I made later to look down on Japan.


◆ "The sexual slave" whom there was nowhere?

I will introduce a story of the manager who became friendly here. It "is serious and serves it and forgets business and hurts health whether feeling goes to a Japanese as for the Japanese woman though there should be no great difference between physical strength so that words are connected with soldiers". Therefore I send back a woman, and there is little profit for a manager. When it was true to do business only with a Japanese to soldier, I wetted pants. Because there were gay quarters in the town where I was brought up, it was good and made it eyes, but even their going out figure which I was able to call with an expert woman in those days was able to distinguish a geisha and a barmaid from a general woman. It was similar in a town of Hangkow, but the women of a Korean in particular had a characteristic if I looked with the eyes.?They went out with several people, but wearing was bad, and how to walk was characteristic again, and, not folk costume, it was distinguished because of the Western clothes of the two-piece suit which was not broken-in at first sight. They seemed to take their ease really brightly. I was able to find the shadow which seemed to fall under "a sexual slave" excited about exaggeratedly now from the figure nowhere.


I told you that there were the following statistics about "a comfort station" because I was in open battle clothing and provisions place connected with the military headquarters in Hangkow directly.? Military power of about 330,000 was stationed around Hangkow, but examined an accounts book of a soldier of the entire army for a certain reason in those days. Postal savings, a one-third were expenditure to "a comfort station" eating and drinking costs, a one-third a one-third. It was not for savings to be nice for only soldiers of a salary, but it was the fact that could not but do since I was taught as discipline by the boss. I was in Jiangxi Nanchang as a new conscript for one year, too, but I endured to want to eat and saved.? As it is said to three human avarice with an appetite, greed for sleep and sexual desire even if one soldier does it for the third prize each and did not use it, it is the number that it seems to have measured with a ruler at all when it rearranges savings for sleep. By the way, a then salary becomes about a total of 1,320,000 yen with 330,000 people when a soldier calculates the a one-third for about 4 yen in an average of around 13 yen for one month. "Zero fighter" price of one fighter was called 30,000 yen, but is really equivalent to for 44.


There is not a thing named "Wartime brothels?" and says that but "a supplier partitioning off woman and it which sell sex" takes advantage of weakness of the armed forces in a battlefield and did good work of a profit rate. When it is excited about such a thing, is not a victim the soldier and armed forces which paid a rather high price?

My opinion(This site)

This is a war prostitute.I think that this wartime brothel?is the same in all ages.