HIV/AIDS Created by US Government!

Vaccine already developed and easy to make?

Sue Arrigo, MD

California medical license G 50197

HIV/AIDS 米国政府によって作成されます!


スー アリーゴ、MD


As an ex- CIA physician with high level access, I wrote a report for DCI Webster in about 1991 arguing for closure of all the US Bio-Warfare Labs. I did that after reviewing the Ft. Detrick and the CIA's Langley Bio-Warfare Labs's research, looking at their own documents. That review was authorized because Bush, Sr. had sold dangerous Bio-Warfare agents to Hussein, which I ended up having to recover from Iraq. Webster, as a former judge, willing to evaluate the evidence, allowed me to research the field and write a report for him of close to 100 pages and 1000 pages of supporting documents.

Although the focus of my report was why the Bio-Warfare Labs should be closed, the issue of the HIV virus developed by the Ft. Detrick lab formed about 18 pages of my report. At the time I wrote that report, the vaccine for HIV that had been developed in 6 months of work, had already been used by the Cabal since 1983.

It was a crime against humanity that the virus was unleashed on the world, and it continues to be a crime that the vaccine has been kept secret and for private use only. Meanwhile, the outer research to get to a vaccine is an exercise in how not to arrive at a solution before millions more die. The initial "hopes" for HIV per its designers was to be able to walk into Africa and take the resources from a ghost continent. They had hyped it as killing everyone there within a year, in their pre-release reports.

The research at the Labs addressed the fastest way to make vaccines to Bio-warfare agents, both in labs, at a front, and impromptu on a battlefield. That was a pressing concern and one that was researched using millions and millions of dollars.

Vaccine so easy... it can be made in a blender!

高水準アクセスをもつex-CIA医者として、私はおよそ1991年にすべての米国Bio-Warfare Labsの閉鎖に賛成しているDCIウェブスターのためのレポートを書きました。私は、Ftをチェックした後にそうしました。DetrickとCIAのラングリーBio-Warfare Labsは研究です。そして、彼ら自身の文書を見ます。そのチェックは認可されました、ブッシュ、卿はフセインに危険なBio-Warfareエージェントを売りました、そしてそれは、私は結局イラクから立ち直らなければならないことになりました。前裁判官として、証拠を評価する気持ちがあって、ウェブスターは私がフィールドを研究して、文書を支える約100ページと1000ページの彼のためにレポートを書くのを許しました。

私のレポートの焦点がBio-Warfare Labsが閉じられなければならない理由であったが、HIVウイルスの問題はFtによって生じました。Detrick研究室は、私のレポートのおよそ18ページを作りました。その時に、私はレポート(6ヵ月の職場で開発されたHIVのためのワクチン)が1983年以降Cabalによりすでに用いられたと書きました。





Briefly, the consensus at the time was that:

1) Any agent from a sick soldier left in a Waring Blender (or any other food blender) for 8 hours would be broken down well enough to not be infective in small doses ( ie. less than a 100 germs). The Labs had made an IgM set of antibodies to sediment out the human HLA antigens by centrifuging it. That allowed the supernatant to be used as a vaccine with little serum sickness problems. A physician in a war zone equipped with a Waring Blender, a blood specimen centrifuge, and a vial of the IgM could make a fast "fresh" vaccine and start inoculating soldiers. The labs tested that using a variety of agents and common cold agents. It was only if one wanted to store the vaccine in vials that one got into the problem of denaturing the proteins of the agent due to heat, chemicals,etc. That was where most of the problems of loss of effectiveness crop up.

2) The Labs found that causing a 1cm by 1cm abrasion until one got lymph and applying a drop of the "fresh vaccine" and a band aid, worked almost as well as an injection. The abrasion could be caused by three fast firm strokes of very fine sand paper over a template with a square of skin bulging through it. This method had much less serum sickness problem. The major problem was occasion keloid and scar formation and superficial infections.

3) The Labs also showed that it was possible to make a crude live vaccine as an emergency directly on the battlefield. The principle was that infection occurs when the body's defenses are overwhelmed but that the body can usually fend off 10 to 50 organisms even of Bio-warfare agents. It was a simple dilution to get the agent into the right ballpark, starting with a secretion of a sick person. Then a drop of that dilute live agent would be placed on an abrasion. That was also tested during war games with colds etc. The diluted material can't be stored for longer than an hour due to the risk of multiplying the agent. It was assumed that in the field it would not be known whether the agent was a virus or a bacteria. A bacteria that divided every 20 minutes could be 8 fold in quantity after an hour and risk causing the infection one was attempting to prevent. Of course, such a live agent could be extremely dangerous and except in an extreme emergency would not be used.

4) The issue of how to quickly sterilize a make-shift vaccine was also addressed in the research. The best method was to dry the agent, if time permitted. Second best was to preserve the agent in Vodka (40%), not gin, etc., and then to dilute it down to less than 2% alcohol before applying it to the abrasion.


1) 8時間Waring Blender(または、いかなる他の食物用撹拌機も)に残っている病気の軍人からのどんなエージェントもわずかな投与量(100の細菌より少ない)で伝染性でないほどよく砕けているでしょう。 研究室は、人間のHLA抗原でそれを遠心分離することによって、抗体のIgMセットを沈殿物にしました。 それは、表面に浮かぶのがワクチンとして小さい血清病問題で使用されるのを許容しました。 Waring Blenderを備えていた交戦地帯、血液標本遠心分離機、およびIgMの小瓶の中の医師は、速い「新鮮な」ワクチンを作って、軍人の予防接種をし始めることができました。 研究室は、さまざまなエージェントと風邪エージェントを使用することでそれをテストしました。 1つが小瓶の中にワクチンを格納したかった場合にだけ、1つは熱、化学物質などのためエージェントのタンパク質に特性を奪わせるという問題に入りました。 それは有効性の損失の問題の大部分が現れるところです。

2) 研究室はそれに1つがリンパを得るまで1cmのすり傷で1cmを引き起こすのを見つけて、適用にほとんど注射と同様に扱われた「新鮮なワクチン」とバンド援助の1滴を見つけました。 皮膚の正方形がそれを通してふくらんでいて、すり傷はテンプレートの上に非常にすばらしいヤスリ紙の3つの速い堅いストロークで引き起こされる場合がありました。 この方法には、はるかに少ない血清病問題がありました。 大した問題は、ケロイド時と、瘢痕形成と浅薄な感染力でした。

3) また、研究室は、非常時として直接戦場で粗雑な生ワクチンを作るのが可能であることを示しました。 原則はボディーのディフェンスが圧倒されるとき、感染が起こりますが、通常、ボディーがBio-戦争エージェントさえ10から50の有機体を防ぐことができるということでした。 ちょうど球場にエージェントを届けるのは、簡単な希釈でした、傷病者の分泌から始まって。 そして、その希薄な活動的なエージェントの1滴はすり傷に置かれるでしょう。 また、それは戦争ゲームの間、風邪などでテストされました。 エージェントを掛けるというリスクのため1時間より長い間、希釈された材料を格納することができません。 分野では、エージェントがウイルスかそれともバクテリアであったかが知られていないと思われました。 20分毎に分割されたバクテリアは、1時間後の量に8倍と感染力を引き起こすと防ぐのが試みられていた危険であるかもしれません。 もちろん、そのような活動的なエージェントは、非常に危険であるかもしれなく、極端な非常時を除いて、使用されないでしょう。

4) また、すぐに間に合わせのワクチンを殺菌するかに関する問題は研究で記述されました。 最も良い方法は時間が可能ならばエージェントを乾かすことでした。 次善は、ジンなどではなく、ウオッカ(40%)にエージェントを保存して、それをすり傷に適用する前にそして、それを2%未満のアルコールまで希釈することでした。

That means that a simple vaccine for HIV can be made by virtually anyone in the world in a short period of time, though it would likely need to be repeated periodically to get and keep the titers up. But repeating it is a good idea anyway as that helps address the mutation problem. So, suppose one took 1 cc of secretions from each of 10 HIV patients in an area (without fungal infections preferably) and mixed them together to have a range of HIV agents. Then one could add 250 cc of Vodka and let it sit a week. Then one could remove a cc of that and add 20 cc of clean water to get a less than 2% alcohol solution. A drop of that could be applied to an abrasion. That, I believe, would give you about 60% protection. Repeating that at intervals of about 2 weeks to a month for 6 months and using new HIV secretions every 6 to 12 months, I think would give one fairly good protection in a person with a normal immune system to start with. Of course, that is a crude method and should be tested for efficacy etc. But it is simple enough to test on sex workers, if they were willing to volunteer. They are at such high risk that the likely benefits almost certainly outweigh the risks. The chief risk would still be sensitization with human HLA proteins. The beauty of using abrasions is that one can wash the vaccine off as soon as any untoward reaction is noticed.

If you know of people doing HIV research who are not controlled by the US govt, could you please pass this information on to them? It would be good to get it out to those who could investigate this information with the intention of saving lives with it. Bio- warfare research is immoral and illegal. Unfortunately the US govt is accelerating that research and production of secret private vaccines.

Sincerely, Sue Arrigo, MD

Editor's Note: AIDS is a terrible tragedy. It would only add to this tragedy if the above story were fabricated, possibly giving false hope to many people who suffer from this disease. When we were sent this story we checked on the background of Dr. Arrigo and could not discredit her. Further, other people have since come forward to validate certain parts of her story.

We present this material for your own insight and consideration and we welcome any contributions to the validity or inaccuracy of the information. If this is true, it eclipses the magnitude of any war crime or holocaust.

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