Exxon Plays Greenpeace

... Like a Fine Violin

Greenpeace is convincing the world that global warming scepticism is a mouthpiece for ExxonMobil.(1) Superficially this seems plausible, but it does not stand up to scrutiny under closer inspection. Greenpeace has a website called www.exxonsecrets.org
which lists all the global warming-sceptic organizations which Exxon has connections with or has directly funded. Absent from the list is The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, which in 1998 obtained 17,000 signatures to a petition claiming that the global warming hypothesis was not based on sound science.(2) Over half of the signatories were scientists with relevant qualifications in the fields of physics, geophysics, climate science, meteorology etc.(3) The Science and Environmental Policy Project initiated a much smaller petition in 1997. According to Greenpeace, it received two grants from Exxon, $10,000 in 1998 and $10,000 in 2000. (4) So, in the last six years, Exxon's funding for organizations conducting surveys on scientific opinion on global warming has averaged $3333 per year. Exxon is clearly the hidden hand behind global warming-scepticism says Greenpeace.

Were Exxon serious about funding scientific studies debunking global warming, or about canvassing scientific opinion, they would perhaps provide a little more investment. It would be easy for Exxon to counter the argument that the Oregon petition lacks credibility because it is run from"a tin shed", by moving the Institute into a New York skyscraper and have them produce glossy brochures. It has not done so.

Token five figure grants from Exxon to some of the 100 plus global warming-sceptic groups does not constitute a credible opposition. Most of these organizations are not household names. Their pronouncements on global warming do not affect the balance of public opinion because their voices are crowded out by the hugely influential environmental organizations like Greenpeace. Total funding for the environmental movement in the U.S. is estimated at $4 billion annually. Exxon's objective is to smear global warming scepticism by throwing it a few crumbs and declaring itself an ally. Who would trust a petition or movement supported by an oil company? And so it's guilt by association, trumpeted by Greenpeace and others which enters public consciousness. The science presented by the Oregon Institute receives little media attention.

Even Greenpeace's factsheets cannot disguise which side Exxon is really on. Their factsheet on Stanford University reads :

On November 20, 2002 Exxon Mobil announced it would give $100 million to a groundbreaking Stanford University project dedicated to researching new options for commercially viable, technological systems for energy supply and use which have the capability to substantially reduce greenhouse emissions." Other corporate sponsors to The Global Climate and Energy Project included General Electric and Schlumberger.....The project is not intended to further explore climate science, instead focusing on development of new energy technology and carbon sequestration technology(5)

The same ruse was used in 1913 to get Congress and the public behind the plan for the Federal Reserve System. Unknown to the public, the Federal Reserve Act was drawn up in secret by Wall Street in 1910. Rockefeller and friends knew that there was great public mistrust of Wall Street 's involvement with the Glass-Owen Bill placed before Congress. The only way to swing public opinion in favour of the Bill was for Wall Street to come out in the press vehemently against it. And so anti-establishment feeling helped to win the day for Wall Street.(6). This is a warning from history that Rockefellers deny with their lips what they are doing with their hands.

So what are they doing with their hands, or more importantly with their wallets? Besides the Stanford University example, under the umbrella of Rockefeller Family Fund 136 foundations formed the Environmental Grant makers Association (EGA) in 1987 which has grown to over 200 by the end of the twentieth century. It donates hundreds of millions of dollars annually to environmental groups. In a dazzling display of raw power, foundations with interlocking directorates funded the Nature Conservancy in 1996 to the tune of $203,886,056, or 60 percent of its annual revenue. The Earth Charter, written by Stephen Rockefeller is the Ten Commandments for the Green Religion. It was a development of an earlier Rockefeller initiative, the 1972 Rockefeller Brothers Fund report entitled Use of Land: A Citizen's Policy Guide to Urban Growth. This was a bench-mark publication on subjecting property rights to government censure.(7)

The truth is that the big oil companies are controlled by the same people who finance the environmental movement through tax exempt foundations. Their objective is to monopolize the world's fossil fuel reserves and turn the tap off. They want to charge you £1 a mile to drive your car, whilst they traverse the globe in private jets and helicopters. With their vast holdings in banks, pharmaceuticals and media companies, the Rockefellers are not going to have one less creature comfort or any less political power if their oil company is worth $100 billion rather than $200 billion. Exxon may even grow in size if oil prices increase exponentially whilst consumption falls. Either way, the Money Trust will massively increase their power over the rest of us by reducing our standard of living.(8)

Greenpeace has swallowed Exxon's bait hook, line and sinker. And thanks to Greenpeace, the public have swallowed global warming whole.

Michael Nield

September 2004



グリーンピースは、地球温暖化懐疑がExxonMobilのための口実であることを世界に納得させています。 (1) 表面上、これはもっともらしいようであるけれども、それはより近い調査の下で精査に耐えれません。グリーンピースは、エクソンが接触しているか、直接出資したすべてのグローバルな温暖化懐疑家組織をリストするwww.exxonsecrets.org

(2) 署名人の半分以上は物理学、地球物理学、気候科学、気象学などの分野で関連した資格を持つ科学者でした。

(3) 科学と環境方針プロジェクトは1997年にずっと小さな請願を開始しました。


(4) 従って、最近の6年で、地球温暖化についての科学の意見上で調査を実施している組織のためのエクソンの出資は年あたり平均3333ドルになりました。エクソンははっきりと、グローバルな温暖化懐疑の後ろの隠れた手がグリーンピースだと言うことです。 エクソンが、地球温暖化を暴露している科学の研究に出資することについてまたは科学の意見を聞いて回ることについて真面目であったならば、それらはたぶんもう少し投資を提供するでしょう。 エクソンがオレゴン嘆願書が信憑性が不足するという議論に反論することは簡単です。 ニューヨーク超高層ビルへ研究所を移動させることにより「流された錫」のように発信し、 そして、彼らに光沢紙のパンフレットを出版させる。それは、そうしませんでした。 5つの数値がエクソンから100以上のグローバル温暖化懐疑家グループのいくつかへの与えるトークンは信用できる反対を構成していません。




エクソンの目的は、少しのクラムをそれに投げて、自身を同盟と宣言することによって地球温暖化懐疑を汚すことです。誰が石油会社によってサポートされた請願または動きを信頼するでしょうか?そして、そう、グリーンピースと大衆の頭に浮かぶように吹聴され事は協会による有罪です。オレゴン研究所によって示された科学はほとんどメディアの注目を受けません。 グリーンピースでさえ、データ表はできない。偽装、それでエクソン側に実際につきました。スタンフォード大学のデータ表は次のものを読みます:「2002年11月20日に、エクソンモービルは、それが、1億ドルを、大幅に温室排出ガスを減らす機能を持っているエネルギー供給と使用のために商業的に実行可能で、技術的なシステムのために新しいオプションを研究することに専念したスタンフォード大学プロジェクトの起工に与えるであろうということを発表しました」。




そして、反体制感覚は、ウォール街のために栄光を勝ち取ることに役立っていました。 (6).









マイケル 二ールド  2004年 9月