アメリカの変革 アメンバー第二弾

Bare-Assed Naked in a Pig Skin Suit

Les Visible

For quite some time I’ve been saying here and elsewhere that those responsible for the problems of our time are going to be exposed and hung out to dry. It’s a given that most people wouldn’t understand how this could be possible when those responsible control the media that manufactures both the news and the viewpoints which are spoon fed to the public. It seems even more impossible when the foxes run the chicken house as their own poultry farm and when the laws that were designed to protect the public have been suspended or re-engineered to the point where they look like Michael Jackson’s face.

However… it’s happening. It’s happening the way the weather changes when one season moves into another. Increasingly as the days go by it becomes more of what is coming and less of what it was. It’s like ice cracking… here a crack …there a crack and soon it’s a spider-web of many cracks until one day the ice is gone altogether. Change is a constant.

Let’s not concern ourselves with why people are suddenly being exposed and ‘seen’ for what they are as opposed to what has been the case for so long. For far too long, a criminal mentality has prevailed over the worlds of politics and business and the engines of disinformation have dutifully pumped out their daily doses of Dairy Queen swirly ice cream that has not been ice cream at all but bullshit, flavored according to the tastes of what the public has been accustomed to. It’s still shit and if you were in your right mind it would still taste like shit. The reason it didn’t was because the public was on stage at a hypnotist performance, acting out according to the suggestions of the hypnotist. The spell is being broken. This isn’t the forum where I discuss the invisible causes of visible events. Let’s just assume this is happening because you can see it happening.

John McCain takes credit for a bail-out that then fails. Sarah Palin is by degrees shown to be a clueless twit with a dangerous capacity to believe whatever she is told by people more dangerous than herself and these things are being revealed to the public, in many cases by the same people who were concealing it from the public. The people who were responsible for the de-regulation that caused many of these problems are getting caught in their own webs of denial. The rapacious and greedy machinations of Wall Street are screening in the theaters on Main Street. And this isn’t just happening in America… all across the world in every country, the fortunes of those abroad are being compromised by the Big Tuna whose carcass is rotting in the sun.

This is stage one… or stage two but it’s only one of the preliminary stages. In this stage, the bad actors are now being given the opportunity to posture in even more humiliating performances while they do all the wrong things, instead of the right things but… once again, let’s not concern ourselves with why this is. Now Congress is being given an opportunity to strut their stuff and- true to their rigorous code of self-interest are betraying the businessmen and women who bought them in an earlier stage. Consonant with that, others are supporting the bail-out which will give their opponents the deciding edge in each campaign as they trumpet to their constituents how their competitor for office worked to sell out the American people.

This bail-out… though it is made to look complex, is quite simple. Certain forces from the business and political world want to give the publics money to the very agencies that caused the problem which the bail-out is supposed to fix. What the bailout accomplishes is to give these criminals the wherewithal to prop up their stocks before they dump them. However you may understand this situation, however nuanced your perceptions may be, one thing is clear… you don’t throw money at the people who created the problem in the first place. The real issue here is not what it appears. The real issue is that the Federal Reserve is in trouble and that makes me feel like I just took a good dose of oxycodone.

Let me point a few other things out… 700 billion will not fix this problem. The problem is much greater and you have to look at derivatives to understand why. Actually, the real problem is unbridled greed and shifting paper, inflating values, packaging and repackaging and selling and re-selling debt until nothing is what it seems. Nothing is what it seems.

The Bush legacy is now a dead skunk in the middle of the road. The Republican idea that wealth trickles down is bankrupt and always was a lie. The democrats have shown themselves to just be the other side of the face of a bare-assed naked pig. Ron Paul is totally redeemed. Day by day, the perpetrators of world misfortune are now being given the opportunity to lie and point fingers at each other and plead and beg with outstretched hands for the camera that is recording all of it.

What does this kind of a system do whenever it gets into this kind of a situation? It goes to war.

This is early days and you are getting a real glimpse at the sort of folk that got turned loose on you by the people you elected to protect you. It’s going to get more and more revealing as more and more stupid things get done and said, as the rats begin to desert the ship… as the empire crumbles… as the dollar begins to appear on rolls in the toilet stalls. Something is in the wind and it is opening doors where people are doing things to each other that they made against the law for everyone else.

Here’s an interesting read
. I make no claims about it. You’re hearing a lot of things. Some will tell you that all of this has been engineered by a few for the sole purpose of enriching themselves. This could well be true. Some will tell you that there’s nothing we can do because they’ve got control of everything. What you have just seen from the public’s reaction to the bail-out suggests otherwise. Nobody really knows what’s going on but… a whole lot of people and conditions are being exposed and a lot of the criminals are being made to dance like a chicken on a griddle. This will keep happening and they will keep looking for new ways to frighten and confuse you. Meanwhile, something they don’t understand is going on at the same time.

Some of you think there’s going to be an election in November. Some of you think that one of the two choices you can make is going to make a difference. Both of these candidates are whores to the very interests who brought this situation about. I’m not going to talk about solutions now… it probably isn’t my job anyway. But it is interesting that I and others know better what should be done than those entrusted to do it. Of course, we aren’t wearing sexual restraints with gag reflex ping pong balls in our mouths and waiting for a taste of what’s in store in that basement of the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction at the hands of agents from a nasty little abortion in the Middle East.

What I will say is that we are in the denouement of a Shakespearean play that the actors are unaware of. They think all it’s going to take is to throw some victims to the mob and point a few fingers and tell a few lies and then it’s back to business as usual… au contraire. Things are not what they were and this is only the beginning of the ice cracking and the unexpected doing a Jack in the Box in the most unexpected places. Meanwhile, the sleeping classes are waking up. Pardon me a little shadenfreude as the miscreants expose themselves with every effort they make to conceal themselves.

As much as there are going to be some storms and fury, there is going to be positive change. There’s going to be more change than Obama or anyone else intended or expects and it’s going on, right in front of you, right now. The scales are adjusting and nothing anyone does is going to alter that.

It’s Changing